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The years from birth to age five are critical to a child's development. The Early Childhood programs are geared to helping families during these formative years. By offering support to the family, parents learn parenting skills that enable them to raise healthy children, and these children will be ready to succeed in school when they enter the doors of our elementary schools.

Our goal is to provide children (from birth to Kindergarten age) and their parents, the opportunity to learn and grow together. The program provides support and information for parents and healthy developmental growth for the child.

What Early Childhood Programs are available?

  • Early Childhood Family Education: Providing information, support, and activities for children, birth to kindergarten, and their parents.
  • School Readiness: The "Ready, Set, Go” program offers a  full-day, 5 days/week, pre-K experience for children the year before kindergarten.  
  • Three SchoolBeginning Fall '22 we will be piloting a 1/2 day three year old program which will meet 4 days/week (M-Th).
  • Early Childhood Screening: Required for every child before they enter kindergarten in Minnesota. Children should be screened around the age of 3 to 4 years. Vision, hearing, height, weight, and a developmental screening will take place.

Early Childhood/Family Education

LOCATED AT THE HIBBING EARLY LEARNING CENTER. ECFE is a statewide program through the Hibbing School District's Community Education, for any parents and preschool children from birth to kindergarten age. It has a “parent group time” when parenting issues, child development information, speakers, and parenting support are provided by a licensed parent educator. The children have their own group time with a licensed early childhood teacher who provides planned activities and experiences that help enhance the learning and development of young children.

ECFE classes are held during the daytime and evening, Monday through Thursday, September to May. Each child comes one time per week (depending on age, classes range from 1 to 1.5 hours a piece). Childcare is provided for any other children in the family during class time. Scholarships are available for those that qualify. Please call for more information. All classes are held at the Greenhaven School.

School Readiness (Ready, Set, Go)

Looking for a preschool experience for your child? “Ready, Set, Go” is for you. LOCATED AT WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY. This program is a two or three day/week program for children who are 4 years old, on or before September 1, and will be eligible to attend kindergarten the following year. The goal of School Readiness is to help preschoolers enter school with the skills and behaviors necessary to be successful in future learning. Location of School Readiness classes are at Washington Elementary.

Hibbing Early Childhood Office, Location and Hours

Hibbing Early Learning Center
1200 12th Ave E.
Hibbing, MN 55746
Hours:  Please call for open hours

For more information please contact

  • Early Learning Center Office Assistant: Leann Lind, 218-208-0853 Ext 1
  • Early Learning Coordinator: Tayler Finco, 218-208-0853 Ext 2